The Xhibitionist: Super Yacht that turns Heads


The Xhibitionist is an intelligently designed and finely tuned super yacht that was made, quite simply, to turn heads. The ultra-luxurious vessel has an unusual aesthetic, with an opening at the front very similar to a car grille, and along the sides the bodywork rises and falls like the curving wheel arches on a classic sports car.


The yacht features two concealed entrances, hiding the stairway to the upper aft deck as well as providing access to the garage, bar and lounge areas. Contributing to the sleek profile of the yacht are not one but three helicopter landing pads that fold away. Down below is a large garage which houses a custom made 605 horsepower V8 supercar.


This magnificent vessel comes with the option of having upholstery made from an exclusive Japanese Samurai leather. This custom designed material is woven from a bullet-proof textile made of Vectran fibres. Optionally all walls can be covered in Samurai leather to make it a bullet proof yacht.


As though the Xhibitionist weren’t spectacular enough, and as you can see from the images below, evening lighting by OceanLED have ensured that it marks its territory and keeps it long after the sun has set.


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